Food flavors

The new sense of flavor enhances creativity in deliciousness.

Aromas are said to be the source of deliciousness, and they change along with their trends. We are surrounded by a wide variety of foods now, and we can enjoy cuisine and confections from around the world.
On the one hand there is a preference for authenticity and individuality, and on the other hand there are trends for eating alone and eating out, as the means of consumption are always in flux.
The aromas that are said to be the source of deliciousness will change along with these trends as well.
The flavors of Riken Perfumery are widely used in general food products such as bread, sweets, chocolate, ice cream, margarine, retort packed food, and the like, which are supported by tireless research and development with advanced quality assurance technologies.

Gas odors

Ensuring safety.

Riken Perfumery developed gas odors to detect urban gas and LPG gas leaks, initially supplying domestically and then in countries throughout Asia.
Odorless room equipment not found at other companies is used to conduct research.
With respect to delivery, we’ve developed specialized trucks to deliver products to suppliers nationwide.


Creating a comfortable living space.

Riken Perfumery has provided innovative products including cigarette, toilet, and garbage deodorizers, room deodorizers, factory deodorizers, cockroach trap aromas, mosquito and fly repellent aromas, and the like.
The psychological effects that fragrances bring—such as the tranquility and exhilaration that the forest brings through the phytoncides that the trees give off—have become evident.
Riken Perfumery strives to develop technologies that make the most of such living spaces.